Hen party life drawing class entertainment with professional male nude life model posing naked for hen parties London & throughout the UK - Gallery 5

I travel to cover all areas of SW London, South-West London, South London, North London, East London, West London and Central London as a male nude life model for hen party life drawing activity classes and art nude life modelling entertainment for hen parties.

I am available to travel throughout the UK as a male nude life model for hen party life drawing activity classes and art nude life modelling entertainment for hen parties mainly covering all areas of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Cotwolds, Dorset, Essex, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, New Forest, Oxfordshire, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex and Wiltshire.


This gallery contains some more playful, fun and dare I say, risque images than my usual images portrayed in the other galleries and website and I would like to give you my personal, professional assurances prior to booking my professional life modelling services that my hen parties are all about the life drawing with artistic, classical, tasteful male nudity so I would like to state for the record that I never ever transgress any personal boundaries or comfort zones.

However with that in mind, some playful fun and naughtiness is bound to ensue on occasion with some hen parties coupled with the exuberance, excitement and the natural rush of adrenaline of the heat of moment.

I always instinctively and intuitively know just how far to go and discern how far not to go with the naughtiness or being playful which I do not initiate, but I am more than happy to play along with the girls if they are playful in high spirits wishing to pose for photographs and you can view some sample images within this gallery.

In essence, some hen parties can be more tame and conservative and some parties can be more naughty or adventurous, so if the girls are feeling naughty, cheeky and playful then I will play back, but of course if not and the ladies are more laid back and chilled out wishing to enjoy a more formal, structured hen party life drawing class / session, then of course then I will always hold back with professionalism, intuition, experience and out of respect for all the ladies...

Some parties on the other hand can also be more conservative taking afternoon tea with their life drawing session which again is absolutely fine and there are many images within my website and other hen party galleries that reflect this fact.

All the life drawing classes /sessions for hen parties are about you and NOT about me so I offer a bespoke life modelling service tailored to the individual needs of your own particular party.

If you feel that your hen party will be more conservative and less adventurous in nature, then this is absolutely fine with me as I have been a professional nude life model since the age of 19 at all the major art / fashion colleges and other educational establishments offering life drawing classes so I can behave with total discretion and decorum as a true gentleman professionally observing the boundaries of all the ladies present at all times.

The advantage of booking my own life modelling services for hen parties is that we can liase directly so to avoid any possible "faux-pas" as you will be able to tell me al about your special friend the hen and perhaps some details about the personalities of the other ladies or party as a whole prior to the big day so we all know exactly what to expect.

I invite you to visit my About Hen Party Life Drawing link within my main website to view more details regarding my hen life drawing parties and to read my section on personal assurances and further guarantees of my professionalism...

All images herewith are protected under legal copyright & any reproduction is not permitted under any circumstances.

Please visit my Website Copyright Notice link above for more details.

A selection of more risque playful fun images from my hen parties
Despite some of the more risque images within this particular gallery I assure you that your party and life drawing session will always remain classic, sophisticated, stylish fun. All the ladies who tend to book my professional life modelling services are upmarket ladies who are just seeking an artistic life drawing session with a naughty twist and a guaranteed giggle for the girls.

I am in fact very quintessentially aware and astute when analysing the mood of the party combined with the personalities of the ladies in the first few moments of meeting. The added advantage of booking me as an independent, private professional life model as opposed to booking through an agency is that I am also given details about the bride-to-be and the other ladies attending prior to all my parties by the organiser so that we ensure that there is no room for any "faux-pas" or going beyond any personal boundaries.

Some parties can be naughtier or more playful than others and some parties can be much more conservative in nature which is absolutely fine as I used to be a professional life model for many art colleges,classes and educational establishments. I have so much hen party life modelling experience and I am a complete "social chameleon" so therefore able to adapt to any given situation or scenario whether the ladies are in naughty, playful moods or just content to sit back, relax and enjoy the artistic flow.

For your further assurances I never transgress any personal boundaries or digress from any comfort zones when posing with or for the ladies. I never instigate any naughtiness, however if the girls are feeling playful moods then I will play back but never, ever straying out of personal boundaries with the emphasis always on enjoying an artistic, creative, fun  fantastic, tasteful time together enjoying each other's charming charismatic company with humour during the life drawing session.
Well I am only human after all!!
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